Forbes Graham - performer, composer


Photo by Lillian Graham

Forbes Graham is a composer, musician, sound artist, and visual artist whose work explores themes of simultaneity, perceptibility, transformation and collage. His work "Encounters I" for trumpet, electronics, and voices premiered at Roulette in 2019. He performed with Michael Pisaro at (the) co-incidence festival in 2017 and has appeared at other music festivals including High Zero, Vision, and The Thing In The Spring. He was commissioned to write a piece for the Festival of New Trumpet, and has created work for the avant-rock ensemble Normal Love.

Graham is the creator and producer of "Beyond/Apex", a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to showcasing contemporary and experimental music. To date, this show has featured the works of over 100 composers and creatives, ranging from emerging artists such as Cecilia López and Claire Rousay to more established artists like George Lewis.

Email: blaqlghtn at gmail dot com

Upcoming Events

April 24, 2021

It Is To Be Everything For Everybody Or Oblivion

Matt Crane - drums and percussion
Ben Stapp - tuba
Stephen Haynes - cornets, alto horn

Assembly Row
On the Mystic River
Somerville, MA

Forbes Graham trumpet